AAM Field Of Competence

Management of Private portfolios discretionary on measure:
Remuneration according to Performances.
Net Performances: There are management fees (2% per year) to deduct from all insurances and profits.
N.B. Aleph Asset Management would not try to rescue ill-managed portfolios of assets handled by other companies or persons.

Portfolio Managing Products suggested by AAM:

1- Very Conservative Investments (VCI):
A Product conceived to insure 100% of the capital as well as the interest LIBOR 1 year, with unlimited profit.
Minimum: 10 million US$.
Minimum period of investment: 5 years.

This product is made in particular for very conservative clients desiring to insure the interest rate LIBOR 1 year,
as well as their capital, despite the changes in bull or bear trends of financial international markets, keeping a
superior potential income over interest rates.

2- Conservative Investment (CI):
Product conceived to insure the Capital but without the interest, with unlimited profit.
Minimum amount : 5 million US$.
Minimum period of investment : 4 years.

This product yields more than the VCI due to the fact of accepting the risk of losing interest.

3- Trading:
Product without insurances, unlimited profit.
Minimum amount : 1000,000 US$
Minimum period of investment : 1 year.

This product is specially conceived to benefit totally from the manager performances without any inflicted
constraints, it allows obtaining performances very superior to CI, in counter-part of risks accepted by the customer.